Cyclone Titli which means "butterfly" was named by Pakistan under the supervision of the World Meteorological Organisation.

Titli started out as a low depression in the Bay of Bengal and gradually intensified into a very severe cyclonic storm (VSCS). It crossed north Andhra Pradesh and South Odisha coast near Palasa (18.80N/84.40E) to the southwest of Gopalpur during 0430-0530 IST of 11th Oct’18 as a VSCS with the wind speed of 140-150 gusting to 165 kmph.

23 blocks and 1114 Villages in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts were affected by the cyclone, which hit the coast near Palasa close to the border with Odisha. Srikakulam district bore the brunt as the strong winds uprooted a large number of coconut trees, thousands of electricity poles and communication towers. Many animals lost their lives and also damaged crops in about 2Lakh Hectares and much more.



Taking inspiration from the Proactive measures taken by GoAP from restoring Vizag from Hudhud 2014 Cyclone , the team has provided shelters, drinking water, food, conducting health camps, restoring rail road services, communication channels, clearing off fallen trees, and all other sanitation related activities have provided immediate relief to the affected people. The below table shows gist of restoration activities:



Civil Supplies

R&B Infra

Medical Camps

18 CPW schemes,


356 PWS Schemes restored


184 Water Tankers


43,00,000 Water Packets distributed

523 Teams with 7707Members Deployed


4902 11 KV Poles and 11,872 LT poles rectified


Power restored in 1346 villages


93 substations rectified out of 101




Rice –  2,36,399 Kgs


Sugar – 2,36,387 Kgs

Palmolin Oil – 2,36,387 Ltrs


Dal – 2,36,387 Kgs


Potato – 2,36,387  Kgs


Onion – 2,36,387  Kgs



3000+ Trees fallen, all Cleared


59 Traffic Interruptions, all Cleared


360kms surface damage cleared


38.5Kms surface damage cleared(Vizianagaram)


1,958 Medical Camps, 3,65,059 Chlorine Tablets distributed

70,180 Out Patients Attended , 49 Ambulances (108 & 104)

GoAP has also announced enhanced relief and financial assistance to TITLI cyclone affected persons. To name some, Rs.5.00 lakh for each death case, 20K-40K Packages for Agriculture, Horticulture Crop Damages, upto 1 Lakh for boat damages, Animal Husbandry loss coverag upto 2.5 Lakh for housing etc.



“Establishing a responsible Socio-Economic-Human Development across Uddanam Region by creating employment and livelihood opportunities while protecting natural resources”

Agricultural (100%), livelihood (90%) and related Industry sector faced highest effects by cyclone. Most common impacts were, less livelihood opportunity, settlement damage, and land use changes/loss, loss of fisheries, economic insecurity and migration problem.


Immediate Response to Stakeholders

Establish Business Recovery Centre


Post-Disaster Economic Recovery Plan

There is need for urgent asset creation programmes to benefit the most vulnerable and food-insecure communities to provide the necessary cash to cope with surge in rural unemployment because of the loss of seasonal work, food price hikes due to increased transport costs, and an increase in the number of people forced to borrow money or sell assets to survive. So, the effective actions to cope with and reduce the impacts of cyclone hazard have now become vital requirement.



Uddanam (Udyanavanam)- The Sanskrit meaning of this word is A heaven with gardens. It’s a place that is beautiful like Kona Seema with lots of coconut trees and beautiful gardens with a large extent of coconut, cashew, jack and other fruit trees.

The region is Sandy Plain Land or Hilly Land and important natural resources of its 68,641 hectares of forest area are tamarind, timber, turmeric, hill brooms, gum, cashew, pineapple etc. At the same time, this region has mineral reserves of Quarts, Lime Stone, Beach Sand, Manganese, RMBS, Gravel, Colour Granites, and Sand etc.

Uddanam region with seven blocks in Srikakulam district bore the brunt of Cyclone Titli with heavy damages of coconut and cashew plantations. Standing crops also reported damages on a massive scale. Thousands of people have lost their shelters and livelihoods.

Two thirds of livelihood opportunities of coastal community rely on crop production and livestock were lost. We must urgently meet the immediate needs of these families, support agricultural and related industry recovery and help them rebuild resilient livelihoods to cope better with future crises.

Uddanam region showed high concentration of silicates. People are suffering from different health hazards due to which we have chosen this area for assessment of water quality. Uddanam kidney disease remains medical enigma despite research.



We would like to propose forming a separate institution named TURPU (TITLI-UDDANAM REHABILITATION PROGRAM UNIT). The long-term recovery requires thoughtful strategic planning and action to address more serious or permanent impacts of a disaster. Investment in economic development capacity building becomes essential to foster economic diversification, attain new resources, build new partnerships and implement effective recovery strategies and tactics.

Comprehensive Development Plan

Covering all the sectors – Primary, Industrial and Services - for holistic development. Protection of Natural Resources With special focus on Livelihoods, Health, Human Development, Skill Building, and Employment Generation etc.

Crowd Sourcing Funds and Area Adoption

Corporations, Charitable Orgs, NGOs, Foundations and Individuals will be encouraged to fund, adopt and contribute towards the development in the area of their expertise and interest.

Harnessing Global Expertise

Co-opting the experts from various fields from across the globe to harness the best available knowledge pool. Exclusive research centres for scientific guidance from experts and scientists.

At the same time, financial tie-ups with global institutions like World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), New Development Bank (NDB) etc could be explored



5years ago, Oct 2013 Cyclone Phailin has uprooted some 11 lakh of the district’s 15 lakh coconut trees, over 1.35 lakh people were evacuated in over 300 villages. Uddanam has proven the world that it can bounce back very quickly. We can grab this opportunity to grow bigger through comprehensive and effective development plan and continuous monitoring and mid-course corrections via the establishment of a separate Rehabilitation Unit for Uddanam TURPU.