Order No Date Subject Download
112 24-10-2018 CM Relief- Opening new Bank Accounts-Instructions-Issued-Regarding. Download
13 15-10-2018 Revenue (DM) Department – TITLI CYCLONE – Relief Measures – Implementation of enhanced scale of assistance on certain items over and above the norms fixed under SDRF/NDRF – Orders - issued Download
14 19-10-2018 Revenue (DM) Department – TITLI CYCLONE – Relief Measures – Implementation of additional enhancement of scale of assistance on certain items over and above the norms fixed under SDRF/NDRF for TITLE CYCLONE affected areas – Comprehensive Orders - issued Download
124 23-10-2018 Natural Calamities – Ind & Com Dept - Policy for TITLI Cyclone Affected Industrial Units – Relief Measures – Orders – Issued Download
36 05-02-2005 C.M.R.F. - Praposal to Extend the facility for Sanction of Financial Assistance Under C.M.R.F. to more Diseases and to raise Celling Limit to Rs.50,000/- per Benificiary - Orders - issued Download
67 22-01-2009 REVENUE-CMRF-Assistance to working Journalists for Medical Treatment on the lines of Aarogyasri - Farming of Modalities - Orders - Issued Download
201 24-05-2006 Cheif Minister Relief Fund - Review Meeting by Hon'ble Cheif Minister on 24-02-2006 - Certain Measures For Effective Implimentation of the Scheme - Orders - Issued Download
216 26-03-1990 Medical Attendence - Medical Treatment and Surgery at Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences and other Major Hospitals Free Of Charge to Members of Public Belonging of Weaker Sections - Orders - Issued Download
224 27-07-2008 HM&FW - Aarogyasri Health Care Trust - Implementation of Aarogyasri-II Scheme - 7th Meeting of Board of Trustees held on 17-06-2008 - Certain Decisions taken by the Board of Trustees - Orders - Issued Download
340 13-10-2014 Prohibition & Excise - Contribution to the Cheif Minister's Relief Fund and Sports Privilege fee - Amendment to G.O.Ms.No.47, Rev(Ex-II) Dept.,Dt:30-01-2013 -Orders-Issued Download
411 27-02-1978 DEPOSITS-Personal Deposit Account in the name of Cheif Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh known as Prime Minister's Relief Fund - Constitution of Cheif Minister's Relief Fund of Andhra Pradesh by changing the name of the existing fund - Orders - issued Download
580 30-09-1989 Medical Attendence - Medical Treatment Cardiac Surgery - Free of Charge to members of Public Belonging to Weaker section in Government Hospitals - Orders - Issued Download
632 07-05-2005 CMRF - Proposal to Extend the Facility for Sanction of Financial Assistance Under CMRF to Medical and Non-Medical Cases - Fixing the Celling limit under CMRF to the member of public in Andhra Pradesh Download
875 21-08-2010 Revenue-Cheif Minister's Relief Fund-Procedure For Processing Representations and applications at Cheif Minister's Camp Office for providing Financial Assistance to persons either than white ration cardholders for medical treatment - Amendment -Orders - issued Download
1012 12-08-2008 REVENUE - Chief Minister Relief Fund - Procedure for Processing of Representations at CM Camp Office for Providing CMRF Assistance to persons other than White Ration Card Holders For Medical Treatment - Certain Orders - issued Download